Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) – CMHA Edmonton


Attending this two-day course will train you to intervene with an individual who is suicidal.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is an intensive, interactive, and practice-dominated course
designed to help caregivers recognize and review risk, and intervene to prevent the immediate risk of suicide. It is
by far the most widely used, acclaimed and researched suicide intervention training workshop in the world.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize that caregivers and persons at risk are affected by personal and societal attitudes about suicide
  • Discuss suicide with a person at risk in a direct manner
  • Identify risk alerts and develop a safe plan related to them
  • Demonstrate the skills required to intervene with a person at risk of suicide
  • List the types of resources available to a person at risk of suicide, including themselves
  • Make a commitment to improving community resources and networking

Recognize that suicide prevention is broader than suicide intervention and, includes life promotion and self-care
for persons at risk and for caregivers


Ages 18+ – Participants can include but not limited to: parents and caregivers; natural helpers and advisors;
educators and ministers; health practitioners; justice, law enforcers, emergency workers, and community

QPR Online Gatekeeper Training (Virtual) – Discount Code Living23


QPR offers extended learning opportunities for professions which are especially likely to come into contact with individuals who are in-crisis or suicidal.

Key components covered in the training:

  • How to Question, Persuade and Refer someone who may be suicidal
  • How to get help for yourself or learn more about preventing suicide
  • The common causes of suicidal behavior
  • The warning signs of suicide
  • How to get help for someone in crisis

This education is intended for professional practitioners and agency staff for the intention of expanding practice
and offering applied learning opportunities.

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Date: June 7 Training/Education: QPR Online Gatekeeper Training (Virtual) - Discount Code Living23 Provider: Imagine Institute for Learning REGISTER
Date: June 27 Training/Education: QPR Online Gatekeeper Training (Virtual) - Discount Code Living23 Provider: Imagine Institute for Learning REGISTER

Counselling on Access to Lethal Means


Reducing access to lethal means, such as firearms and medication, can determine whether a person at risk for suicide lives or dies.

This course is about how to reduce access to the methods people use to kill themselves. It covers who needs lethal means counseling and how to work with people at risk for suicide—and their families—to reduce access.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Explain that reducing access to lethal means is an evidence-based strategy for suicide prevention.
  • Explain how reducing access to lethal means can prevent suicide.
  • Identify clients for whom lethal means counseling is appropriate.
  • Describe strategies for raising the topic of lethal means, and feel more comfortable and competent applyingthese strategies with clients.
  • Advise clients on specific off-site and in-home secure storage options for firearms and strategies to limitaccess to dangerous medications.
  • Work with your clients and their families to develop a specific plan to reduce access to lethal means andfollow up on the plan over time.

While this course is primarily designed for mental health professionals, others who work with people at risk
for suicide, such as health care providers and social service professionals, may also benefit. This course can be
completed in approximately two hours. You do not have to complete the course in one session. You can exit the
course at any time and return later to the place where you left off.

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Online (These courses are available online, and can be completed at any time)
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Trauma Informed Care (Virtual) – Discount Code Living23


This two-day introductory training acknowledges the prevalence and significant impact of trauma in an individual’s life and aims to inform service providers how to apply a trauma-informed lens to their current practice.

This workshop will define and describe the six main trauma-informed principles outlined in the literature and will
focus on how to translate these principles into practice.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Define trauma and understand the different types of trauma
  • Identify the signs and symptoms of trauma
  • Understand the impacts and effects of trauma
  • Define and understand trauma-informed practice
  • Identify the main principles of trauma-informed practice
  • Understand how to implement trauma-informed principles at the organizational, personal and practice level
  • Reflect on how this knowledge fits into your current work
  • Recognize the impact working with trauma can have on a practitioner and understand the importance of self-care and reflective practice
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Date: June 19 & 20 Training/Education: Trauma Informed Care (Virtual) - Discount Code Living23 Provider: Imagine Institute for Learning REGISTER

LivingWorks Start


In just one hour online, LivingWorks Start teaches trainees to recognize when someone is thinking about suicide and connect them to help and support.

LivingWorks Start teaches valuable skills to everyone 13 and older and requires no formal training or prior experience in suicide prevention.

When you sign up for LivingWorks Start training, you’ll learn a powerful four-step model to keep someone safe from suicide, and you’ll have a chance to practice it with impactful simulations.

Safety resources and support are available throughout the program.

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Online (These courses are available online, and can be completed at any time)
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Mental Health First Aid (Virtual)

The Mental Health First Aid training was developed to help people provide initial support to someone who may be developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis.

MHFA teaches mental health first aid skills. The course does not train people to be therapists, counselors, or mental health professionals. The philosophy behind MHFA is that mental health crisis, such as suicidal and self-harming actions, may be avoided through early intervention. If a crisis does arise, then members of the public can take action that may reduce the harm that could result.

This 9-hour course opens with a self-directed module (Module 1 – Self Directed) that focuses on the information and strategies that participants will discuss and practice throughout the virtual classroom modules (Modules 2 and 3 – Virtual Classroom). Course participants are required to complete Module 1 before participating in Module 2 and 3.

Participants will receive the “MHFA Participant Reference Guide” that outlines MHFA actions for developing mental health and substance use problems, and mental health and substance use crises.

Our Children Are Sacred – Youth Suicide Prevention Course

A youth suicide prevention course and resource for adults interacting with individuals at risk for suicide.


This 2-day interactive course is designed to increase awareness on the preventative and protective factors that put people at risk for suicide, and provides participants with the skills to respond to a person considering suicide.

The program modules, delivered over 2 days, include some of the following topics:
Historical Factors, Trauma, Myths and Stigma, Relationships, Bullying, Cyberbullying, Lateral Violence, Sexual Violence, Grief and Loss, Warning Signs and Risk Factors, Responding and Assessing Risk as well as assisting communities in identifying local resources for those in crisis.

Open to all members of the community over the age of 18.

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Intergenerational Wisdom – Discount Code Living23


Intergenerational wisdom – can be described as the sharing and transmission of knowledge, beliefs, and experiences from one generation to the next. Part of this includes intergenerational trauma where trauma and pain are transmitted through generations. However, there is more to intergenerational wisdom than passing on the hurt; it also includes the transmission of hope, strength, and resilience, which helps break the cycle of trauma. This Intergenerational Wisdom training is an extension of our Trauma-Informed Care training and will take on an Indigenous perspective. This training was built with the belief that there is resilience in education. Through the sharing of knowledge, it is possible to learn, grow, and find the capacity to create stronger relationships and a healthier future for everyone residing on the lands we share. Join us on this two-day training to reframe the way you think about intergenerational trauma and develop a deeper understanding of the trauma and resilience continually experienced in Indigenous communities in Alberta. This training will include a combination of science and narratives from Indigenous peoples, allowing for an informative and humanizing experience.


  • Build awareness about the trauma experienced by Indigenous peoples in Alberta
  • Understand the various ways trauma is passed on through generations and the role trauma is still playing in Indigenous communities
  • Reframe the way we perceive intergenerational trauma into a learning opportunity and a story of resilience
  • Reflect on the wisdom shared and the next steps to break the cycle of trauma

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Workplace Wellness (Virtual) – Discount Code Living23


Workplace Wellness workshops are presented in a four-part series. Each workshop session is a full day of training covering separate topics over a four-week period. The sessions may be taken separately. 

Workplace Wellness One: Moving Beyond “I’m fine” – May 9, 2023 

This full-day interactive session is for those employees whose working conditions and identities as workers have been changed and challenged by the pandemic. Through guided conversation and reflective activities, participants will engage with many of the complex mental health topics that are relevant to workers right now, such as surge capacity, ambiguous loss, and moral tension. By the end of the session, participants will be empowered to re-examine their experiences using newly acquired vocabulary and personal insight to move their needle towards wellness and compassion, both for themselves and others.  


  • Understand workplace wellness concepts of surge capacity, ambiguous loss, and moral tension.  
  • Using the “stress bucket” activity participants with can reflect on their own stress points and build self-awareness.  
  • Explore the Social Compass™ Tool to assess mental health and social capacity of work environments. 
Workplace Wellness Two: From Burnout towards Sustainability – May 16, 2023 

This full-day interactive session aims to support employees with practical tools to enhance their workplace wellness during challenging times. Participants will examine compassion fatigue and compassion satisfaction through the lens of their own professional quality of life. By understanding what the warning signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue and burnout may look like in ourselves and others, we will be better prepared to respond by prioritizing well-being and mitigating potential harm to individuals, clients, and our organization. Participants will leave the session with practical tools and protective strategies to care for their mental health and minimize the experience of fatigue that can come from working in empathetically demanding jobs.  


  • Assess their professional quality of life (ProQOL 5)  
  • Explore the positive and negative impacts that can result from working in human service positions including compassion satisfaction and compassion fatigue 
  • Identify the signs of compassion fatigue and burnout in themselves and others  
  • Employ practical workplace strategies and interventions to preserve mental health and promote self-sustainability 
Workplace Wellness Three: Reflective Practice – May 23, 2023 

Reflective Practice is a tool that translates and supports the space between various levels of accountability within an organization. Participants will have the opportunity to build a common language that creates space for growth at all levels of an organization. We will explore the wisdom in the room related to the behavioural competencies that participants already employ in their workplaces. Together, we will then apply the activating competencies of assertiveness, perseverance, and respectful curiosity to their context.  


  • Explore the role of met and unmet needs in the workplace environment and how that shows up in our professional competencies (knowledge, behavioural, and activating).  
  • Build understanding around what reflective practice offers to different supervisory spaces, including the role of the practitioner in the context of supervision.  
  • Employ practical tools that build self-awareness including a self-assessment of your own perceptions and ideas.  
  • Build capacity related to communication with the different roles, goals, and techniques within an organization. 
  • Explore strategies and tools to support moving from communication(talk) to consolidation (or action) related to reflective learning. 
Workplace Wellness Four: Supervision – May 30, 2023 

Supervision is often associated with stress and anxiety in the workplace; however, this session explores how to communicate and consolidate learning within supervisory relationships.

It takes a more practical approach to documentation and communication within the separate roles of supervision. By exploring the power of curiosity, mentoring, and relationships, this session focuses on tools for supervisors to support a space for reflective supervision. It attempts to address the fear of, “What if I say what I really feel?” and the supervisor’s fear of, “Now that I know about it, what do I do?” We look forward to learning together and supporting the human needs that show up at work.  


  • Create a space for sharing wisdom from within the group, related to tools of the trade. Supervisors can share what works within their organization as well as learn from other supervisors in the space. 
  • Employ practical tools that support goal communication, mentoring and playfulness in building relationships with practitioners. 
  • Explore tools that help supervisors when staff experience trauma or life experiences that interfere with a person’s ability to “show up” for work. 

Edmonton and area participants enter discount code Living23 during checkout on the provider’s website.

Dates Name of Training or Education Provider Link
Date: May 30 Training/Education: Workplace Wellness (Virtual) - Discount Code Living23 Provider: Imagine Institute for Learning REGISTER