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Intergenerational wisdom – can be described as the sharing and transmission of knowledge, beliefs, and experiences from one generation to the next. Part of this includes intergenerational trauma where trauma and pain are transmitted through generations. However, there is more to intergenerational wisdom than passing on the hurt; it also includes the transmission of hope, strength, and resilience, which helps break the cycle of trauma. This Intergenerational Wisdom training is an extension of our Trauma-Informed Care training and will take on an Indigenous perspective. This training was built with the belief that there is resilience in education. Through the sharing of knowledge, it is possible to learn, grow, and find the capacity to create stronger relationships and a healthier future for everyone residing on the lands we share. Join us on this two-day training to reframe the way you think about intergenerational trauma and develop a deeper understanding of the trauma and resilience continually experienced in Indigenous communities in Alberta. This training will include a combination of science and narratives from Indigenous peoples, allowing for an informative and humanizing experience.


  • Build awareness about the trauma experienced by Indigenous peoples in Alberta
  • Understand the various ways trauma is passed on through generations and the role trauma is still playing in Indigenous communities
  • Reframe the way we perceive intergenerational trauma into a learning opportunity and a story of resilience
  • Reflect on the wisdom shared and the next steps to break the cycle of trauma

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